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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Panaroma Malacca (Melaka) Tour Bus

This is the tourist Red double decker bus. (Imported from London)
There are 2 tour bus route at Malacca (Melaka), Blue & Red Line. The double decker bus is the Red route (Line). The journey of the Red Bus pass through 13 interesting points within the City Center.

It route start from :-
1) Hang Tuah Mall
- Shopping Mall

2) Chetty Village (Kampung in Malay)
- Chettys are straits-born Indians and offspring of Indian traders who came from Panai.

3) Jonker Walk
- One of the tourist attraction. You can find numerous of shops selling antiques, souvenirs, furniture, cafe and many more.....

4) Kampung Hulu Mosque
- The Mosque of Hulu Village was built in 1728 by Dato Shamsuddin and it is the oldest mosque in Malaysia.

5) Stadhuys
- The Stadhuys (1650) was the official residence of the Dutch Governor. It now houses the Historic & Ethnography Museum which has many traditional bridal costumes and relics on display.

6) Museum Samudera
- Malacca (Melaka) Maritime Archaeology Museum.

7) Dataran Pahlawan
- The largest shopping mall in Malacca.

8) Hotel Equatorial
- The 5 star International Business Class Hotel in Malacca.

9) Bukit Senjuang
- St. John's Hill Fortress. Reconstructed by the Dutch in the third quarter of the 18th century, the cannons in this fort point inwards towards the mainland because at that time, the threat to Malacca was mainly from inland rather than the sea.

10) Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho
- Budget Hotels and shops are situated in this street.

11) Hang Li Poh Well
- The oldest well in Malacca (Melaka), was built in 1459 by the followers of Hang Li Poh, the Chinese Princess who married the Sultan of Malacca. In the olden days, the well never dried up and was the only source of water during the great drought.

12) Morten Village
- The village was found in early 1920s and named after J.F. Morten, the land commissioner. It is the only Malay Traditional Village located in the middle of the city which retains the traditional lifestyle, culture and architecture.

13) Hotel Renaissance
- The hotel was built in 1984, recently refurbished the hotel to the modern facilities.

And last, back to Hang Tuah Mall.

The bus fares (for the Red & Blue Line) are MYR5.00 for adult & MYR2.50 for children. The fares you pay are all 'Day Ticket'. That's mean you can get down any bus stop and come back from any bus stop without limits. One ticket for both Tour Bus. Tickets are selling onboard.
The interval for both lines are 30 to 45 minutes.

Actually we have very limit time this trip, so I plan it to my next trip for the ride of the Red & Blue lines Tour Bus.

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