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Friday, September 12, 2008

Stadhuys, Malacca (Melaka)

I took my free time to explore this Stadhuys (Dutch Square) while my family having a afternoon nap in the hotel. The place was so crowded with tourist!

This is my first time I ever visit with a lot of free time, and it's good that I can observe or see everything slowly.

The Clock Tower

Miniature windmill opposite the Clock Tower

The fountain in front of Christ Church - Victoria Regina (1837-1901) Erected by the people of Malacca in memory of A Great Queen.

Christ Church (N2°11.658' E102°14.962') - Built by the Dutch in 1753 to commemorate the centenary of their occupation of Malacca, this church took 12 years to complete. No expense was spared in building it - from the wooden ceiling beams, each cut from a single tree, to the elaborately hand carved pews and frieze of "The Last Supper". When the British took over the church in 1795, they put in a few additions, most notably the weathercock stop the bell tower. Originally a Dutch Reform Church, it was later consecrated as an Anglican Church.

The road in front of the Dutch Square, traffic was congested all time until almost midnight, and I noticed there are many trishaw waiting for customer along the road.

Cut queue is common....

Stadhuys (N2°11.649' E102°14.936') was constructed on year 1650 by the Dutch Governor and his deputy. It's reflects the Dutch Architecture. It's became the "Museum Of History and Ethnography" on 1982 then the restoration was completed on 1990. The Dutch Square is one the main tourist attraction of Malacca.

Souvenirs shop at Stadhuys

I walked across the road and continued my photography session along the Malacca River. All buildings over here are painted in Red colour and it's also known as The Red Square.

The path are narrow in front of the shops.
I took a break at this Chinese traditional type of coffee shop (N2°11.709' E102°14.987') along the way. They serve Chinese & Western foods and drinks. Prices are quite reasonable.

The alley next to this coffee shop

Almost the end of the red shop lots, I suddenly attracted by the name of this Cafe - "Dutch Harbour Cafe" (N2°11.721' E102°15.007'). Cozy design and reasonable prices! You can have your beer and sit just next to Malacca River to enjoy the scenic view surrounding!

Front of the cafe

Rear side of the cafe

St. Francis Xavier Church (N2°11.724' E102°15.033')
Gothic church was built by a French priest, Rev. Fabre, in 1849, to commemorate St. Francis Xavier who is also known as the "Apostle of the East". St. Francis Xavier is credited for his Catholic missionary work in Southeast Asia
during the 16th century.

The Discovery Guesthouse & Cafe is situated at the end of the shops

It's a good place for photography! And nothing much at the end of the Red Shops.....and I turn back to Hotel and prepare for our evening session.


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