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Thursday, September 11, 2008

St. Paul's Church, Malacca

St. Paul's Hill is located in the middle of the A Famosa Fort which built by the Portuguese on the year 1511.

The path way to St. Paul's Church

There's a church constructed by the Portuguese Captain (Duarte Coelho) which was named : "Our Lady Of The Hill" on the peak. But later become the buried ground from the Dutch. And renamed the church to "St. Paul's Church" unitl today. (N2°11.557' E102°14.965')
The body of St. Francis Xavier was temporarily interred here before moving to Goa.

Statue of St. Francis Xavier at St. Paul's Church
In 1952, a statue of St. Francis Xavier was built to commemorate the passing of the saint. Originally, the statue was completely constructed with the right arm in place. However, on the morning after the consecration ceremony, a large casuarina tree fell on it and broke off the right arm, resulted in a statue with missing arm until today. - Source from AmazingMelaka.com

The entrance of the church

The stairs was built almost 500 years ago.....

It's still tough till today....

As you can see there's many tombstones laying at the both side of the church.

Nice view from the top. You can see partially if the Malacca(Melaka) town and also the Malacca(Melaka) Straits.
When I was there, I try to visualize the war begin by Dutch on 1641.....where you can the battleships move in to Malacca from the sea......and started fire! Peoples running up & down! Oh! I'm imagine too much!

At the back of St. Paul's Church, you reach the Porta De Santiago (N2°11.516' E102°15.019'). There were total of 4 gate access into the A Famosa Fort but after the Dutch invaded, the other 3 gate was destroy and this is the only gate remain......

The rear part of the gate, as you can see the shopping mall behind the gate.

Front of the gate

Tourists love to taking photo with the cannon

The stone above has almost 500 years old....but not the bottle! :)

After the Porta De Santiago, you can access to the Malacca Sultanate Museum on the left & the Pahlawan Shopping Mall on the right.

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