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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mudskipper at Tanjung Piai - Johor.

We spotted about three type of different Mudskipper around the Tanjung Piai National Park.
Sometime I like to monitor the movement and the activities of the Mudskipper, but it's just too hot under the sun...:)
I don't know the type of the three mudskippers I captured below...will be appreciate if you can provide me the name of it. Thanks.

"Mudskippers are members of the subfamily Oxudercinae (tribe Periophthalmini), within the family Gobiidae (Gobies). They are completely amphibious fish, fish that can use its pectoral fins to "walk" on land.Being amphibious, they are uniquely adapted to intertidal habitats, unlike most fish in such habitats which survive the retreat of the tide by hiding under wet seaweed or in tidal pools. Mudskippers are quite active when out of water, feeding and interacting with one another, for example to defend their territories.

They are found in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions, including the Indo-Pacific and the Atlantic coast of Africa." More info at Wikipedia.

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