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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bebaru Trail of Piai Cape (Tanjung) - Johor (Part 4)

The Bebaru Trail is 600 meter long. This trail located before the Admin office of the National Park (you can refer from the picture at Part 1).
The Public Toilet, Campsite and the Activity Area like : Obstacle Course, Fireflies Tower & Mud Trail are in this trail.

There are two campsite situated site-by-site. Both are having the same facilities. Honestly, I love the campsite area. Where all the greenery surrounding...
Each of the tent area are separate, you can view from the photos below.

The Only worry I have is the 'Monkey'! They might attack the foods you bring during the night time! Other than this...it's really good Campsite!

The entrance of the campsite

The trail into the campsite

I cannot understand about this room for female??! Why the female has to sleep inside the Cage?!

The camping area

Each tent will has it's own privacy

The area also provided the shower room, barbeque and dining area (with electricity). All of these are simple setup.

Please save water

After the campsite, you reach the Fireflies Tower. I'm not sure how nice the view is, because I haven't try it yet! :) The BEST Fireflies view so far I experienced was the Kota Tinggi Fireflies...

Behind the tower, the is another Mud Trail. This trail is different from the previous post, because you will be walking directly into the mud! Prepare your boots!

The start point of the Mud Trail

I spotted another Benchmark over there. Seems like a GPS Station.

Next it will bring you to the Obstacle Course where most of the nature lover like it! There are two entrance with two different course. I'm not sure what the different inside, cause I cannot enter it by wearing sandals...:)

First Obstacle entrance. You got to swing to enter it!

Inside the course

The exit of the First Course

Then follow by the second course...

The second course, which I was trying to pass through it...but fail!

Inside the second course

Overall, I love this area very much! Beside the attack of the Wild Monkeys! haha! I believe there must be a way to chase away the monkeys during the night fall...do you have any idea?

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