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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Third Trail of Piai Cape (Tanjung) - Johor (Part 3)

The third trail doesn't has a name...while we stepped in, there were many monkeys waiting for us! Haha! So I called this trail : "Trail to monkey territory".

Monkeys along the trail

Sometimes this monkeys can be dangerous...they will grab whatever food you bring along. It's safe that you don't carry any with you.
By the time when we getting close to the group of monkeys, they all ran into the jungle...I believe they knew that we don't have any food for them! :)

Halfway of the trail, we heard very noisy monkeys screaming in the jungle, the whole group of them were having a War in the jungle!! I saw many of them (from the both group) jump and run very fast into the jungle...to help!

We were trying (very hard) to snap some pictures of the Fight, too bad after we seek high & low also couldn't spot any of them, but the noise was really Loud!

Observation tower at Monkey Territory

There was another Observation Tower at the end of this trail too...but I cannot figured out what was the tower for?!

The start point of the Mud Trail

On the right of the tower, there was a 'Mud Trail'. Wondering where the trail lead to, we stepped on it and walk...haha! it's only about 100 meter on the swamp area.

The end of the Mud Trail

There's nothing much about this trail...so we just walked back.
I saw s few groups of Taiwan tourist came from the different direction of us...this is really a good spot for tourist. But I think they came to witness the 'Tip' more than the nature over here...

Saw some of the monkeys crawl out of the jungle after their war. We think these are the group who won the Fight! Don't you think so? :)
We just try to snap some of the pictures of the Victory group...

They even walk on trail and not scare of strangers...

Many photos been taken from this particular monkey (looks like their leader) before it jumped over to Attacked us!! Haha!

The monkey which attacked us!

We continue our session to the 'Bebaru Trail'...

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