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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Langkawi Cable Car at Langkawi Island.

We had 2 days to choose for the Cable Car ride on this trip to Langkawi, because it's to avoid the bad weather. Fortunately, the 2nd day was a bright sunny day! So we decided to ride on the Gondola! :)

The Langkawi Cable Car Station (N6 22.273 E99 40.296) is located in the Oriental Village of Langkawi. The distance is approximately 26km from Langkawi Grand Continental Hotel, Kuah town, the journey took about 30-40 minutes. Vehicles parking and admission is free.

The street of Oriental Village, Langkawi Island.

After about 100 meters walking from the entrance, we saw the Cable Car Station just situated on the left. Wah! It was a Long Queue!

The Langkawi Cable Car Station

The admission fees of the Langkawi Cable Car :-
Adults - MYR30.00 (Malaysian - MYR15.00), Children - MYR20.00 (Malaysian - MYR5.00)
(But the signage never stated the admission fee for Malaysian)
Operating Hour :-
Monday – Thursday * 10:00am - 06:00pm
Wednesday * 12:00pm - 06:00pm
Friday – Sunday & Public Holiday ** 09:30am - 07:00pm
*  Last admission at 6:00pm and last trip down at 7:00pm
** Last admission at 7:00pm and last trip down at 7:45pm

Visitors are advise to call before visiting to avoid disappointment.
Tel : +604-9594225

There will be a Middle Station for you to stop for panoramic view on the platform and continue to the Top Station of Mount Machinchang.

Well, despite the hot weather and the long queue, we bought the tickets and queue! Although the queue was long, but it only took about 10 minutes for us to got into the Gondola! That was Fast! Great! 

The queue at the Langkawi Cable Car Station

Queuing for the Gondolas.

The gondolas slow down when it arrive to the station, it's more than enough time for the passengers to step out slowly and even enter! Before the gondolas getting our of the station, there was a photographer to take photos of the passengers, but you can refuse it!

Passengers get into the gondola...

The sophisticated mechanism of the Langkawi Cable Car

The Middle Station was on the top on the mountain

We were in the gondola and hike up to the Mount Machinchang of Langkawi Island! It was a pleasant journey and it only took 10 minutes to reached the Middle Station. The Seven Well Waterfall was clearly appeared during the journey...

The Seven Wells Waterfall of Langkawi Island

Beautiful scenery from the Cable Car.
Do you notice the climbing degree of the cable car?! :)

Dramatic View from the Cable Car Station

We had a stop at the Middle Station for photography and continue to the Top Station.

The Middle Station of Langkawi Cable Car

The Middle Station. View from Top Station

The Top Station of Langkawi Cable Car

It was an Exciting ride for the total of 2.2km in 17 minutes!! Especially when the gondola approaching the Middle Station, the gondola was facing the Limestone Mountain! And it being pulled up almost Vertically with high speed to reached the station! Wah! Unforgettable experience! (You can refer from the photos above after we got into the gondola)

We walked to the 360 viewing platform on the left of the station after a small rest...the weather was extremely hot that day! Luckily there was a Ice-Cream stall at the platform.

The Viewing Platform

It was a double storey platform and I took my Ice-cream and enjoyed the Dramatic View of Langkawi Island on the 2nd level! That was a Great Enjoyment! (710 meter above sea level, reading from my GPS) Too bad the North platform was closed for maintenance during our visit....

The North Platform was under maintenance...

You can imagine the weather that day from the face of the poor little boy above. He was queuing for the Ice-cream for more than 30 minutes until a lady help him to get his ice-cream. He was being push out from the queue all the time! Very bad attitude of the tourists!

The Cable Car of Langkawi Island

Another view of the Top Station. I spotted the Lighthouse (N6 21.838 E99 40.996) of Perdana Quay, Langkawi Island.

The Lighthouse of Perdana Quay, Langkawi Island.

We spent an hour at the viewing platform and continue our journey to the Famous Sky Bridge (Hanging Bridge) of Langkawi Island!! Bye Mount Machinchang, and we will Never forget you!

The Langkawi Cable Car was awarded for ‘The Longest Free Span Single Rope Cable Car – Total In Length – 919.5 meter’ (One of the Steepest Gradient in the World – 42 degree.) and endorsed by The Malaysia Book Of Records. Beside that, it was also received the ‘Outstanding construction, architectural quality & technical proficiency of steel works’ from PRIX ACIER AWARDS 2005.

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Location map of Langkawi Cable Car Station

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