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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Babi Guling (Suckling pig) of Warung Ibu Oka at Ubud town, Bali

The Babi Guling Warung Ibu Oka at Ubud, Bali

After a cup of coffee in Harris Resort, we heading to Kintamani for our 2nd day traveling in Bali. Along the way, we dropped by the Ubud town for our early lunch at the Famous Babi Guling (Suckling Pig) Warung Ibu Oka (S8 30.391 E115 15.747). (The Bali map from Navigasi.net had a huge offset on this restaurant)

The Babi Guling Ibu Oka restaurant is located at Jalan Sweta, Ubud Gianyar, Bali. Babi Guling is one of the Traditional Balinese dishes.
It was full during our visit! That was about 11am, we took about 20 minutes for our table. There are 2 area where you can dine indoor where you have to sit on the floor and outdoor with shading...

The indoor area where customers are sitting on the floor with low table. It's kind of similar with Japanese restaurant...

The outdoor area only have 3 tables and under the shaded by huge umbrella...

While waiting...I taken some photos where they prepared the foods. They were extremely busy serving the customers at the 'warung'.

Basically, it's similar with the roasted pork in Malaysia, it just roasted in Bali special recipe...

Employees were uniformed and prepare the foods seriously...

The above roasted pig was left about less than 10% before we leave the restaurant...

Some of my friend told me that, "You MUST try this suckling pig of Bali if you are visiting Bali! There are Plenty of restaurant selling 'Babi Guling', but you cannot miss the Babi Guling from Warung Ibu Oka!"

After about 10 minutes, the Delicious dishes were serve on our table! We did ordered a non-spicy for the children.

Quite a large portion was serve by the restaurant. Rp 25,000.00 (MYR9.00/USD2.50)

There were vegetables, intestines, crispy pork skin, roasted pork, spicy special sauce and rice in the package. The pork was roasted in the different way and special taste of it! Beside the pork, the great aroma of the rice made the food perfect! I Love it! But I felt slightly dry on the pork.
We took more than an hour to slowly enjoyed the delicious food!

Advised to have a coconut for the hot weather of Bali

The left over in the table...

“The family has been making babi guling for almost 60 years. Two generations of us. Originally, the business started at the market. I ran it there for the first five years after my parents-in-law died, and then moved the warung to Jl. Suweta 20 years ago,” she said of the business that now involves her whole family.

I noticed the customers come and leave Non-stop in this restaurant while we were enjoy the food, majority are tourist from all over the world and small portion of locals...Very GOOD business!

Rated : 4.5/5

Crowded dining area

Cute little girl with her parent

So if you are visit Bali, PLEASE give try on this Traditional Balinese Dishes!

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Location map of Babi Guling Warung Ibu Oka at Ubud, Bali

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