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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Auto City of Juru - Butterworth

CRW_4977.jpg Heard about this Famous place quite some time ago, tonight I insist wanna visit it after our dinner at Long House Seafood Restaurant.

I'm surprised when we reached the entrance of the Auto City of Juru - Butterworth (N5°20.294' E100°25.789'). There was traffic jam! Because our last visit was the Reunion Dinner and the roads were empty! But now....jam everywhere!

Cars are everywhere....

You can find most of the Major car dealer here...especially like Porsche, BMW and others...

We drove around on the happening place and parked our car beside the Auto City 'Factory Outlet'. (The only available parking area)

Auto City Factory Outlet...Nice lighting. It was the miniature of Penang Bridge.

Most of crowds are teenage and young peoples. After all it's design for it. I snap some photos surrounding and we stuck at this SOHO Pub & Bistro (N5°20.235' E100°25.749'). According to my brother, it is the same owner of the SOHO Pub of Penang.

SOHO Pub and Bistro

The design was nice from the surface, but internally.....seems like the English atmosphere was not there at all! It's totally different from the Penang SOHO Pub....maybe the customers here are different?! Maybe...it's already cross the Penang Straits...

We ordered a jug of Beer....and it's cost MYR32.00. It's very much cheaper than JB Pub & Bistro! I think JB prices should follow it! :)

Beer must not escape from the atmosphere of Chinese New Year Culture! Agree??

There is another crowded Bistro opposite SOHO is 'Tao', the place was FULL! Might due to the '2 pieces band (guy & girl)' singing some popular song....Young peoples love it, but not me! Unless they sing "Hotel California"! .....Yeah, I know I'm old.... :)

There are many restaurants around that we are familiar with....like : -

Honestly, this is not the place I'm favorite with...(after visit), unless you are looking for cars. It's just a concept...and there's not really special compare with other happening places in Penang. If you looking for cheap beer (like MYR32.00 per jug), then you make a right choice! Otherwise, there's nothing attracted us...

We had a walk at the Factory Outlet after the Beer....and found out it's only about two (2) shops there...

One of the Fashion shop at the Auto City Factory Outlet.

I treated this as just one of my journey...I won't be back in short period unless I can't afford the beer price at Penang!! (It's not much different after all...) Haha!

Hopefully it will be better in the coming future!

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