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Monday, February 16, 2009

Bellevue Hotel at Penang Hill, Penang

Bellevue Hotel (N5°25.548' E100°16.146')

This hotel is located close to the Top Station of Penang Hill. And it's also the only landmark I can remember after 25 years! :) I remember the plant in front of the Hotel was a water fountain before...

There's a mini bird park located just before the Hotel.
It's really well maintain and I love this old building very much.

Once you enter from the main entrance, the Reception Counter just on the right. You will pass through the corridor for the rooms and reach the Restaurant.

And also the outdoor session.
As foongpc said, he was experienced green snake crawling on top while having his break here! Haha! What a scene!

At the back of the restaurant, you can have a very nice view of Georgetown. Usually peoples will having their function or gathering over here. (picture below)

Bellevue Hotel
Tel : +604-8299500 / 9600
Fax : +604-8292052
Email : mypenbell@yahoo.com

Room rate :-
Single bed - MYR150.00 (Weekday), MYR180.00 (Weekend)
Twin beds - MYR180.00 (Weekday), MYR220.00 (Weekend)
Extra bed - MYR40.00 nett
TV Rental - MYR10.00 nett Will you watch TV on the hill? :)

4WD vehicle transport can be arrange for 2 way. (6 persom max. per vehicle)
From Botanical Garden - MYR80.00 nett
From Georgetown - MYR120.00 nett
From Air Itam - MYR140.00 nett
From Penang Airport - MYR170.00 nett

According to the rates above, I believe the closer way to Penang Hill is from Botanical Garden...

After visiting the Hotel, the time was almost 7.30pm. And it's getting dark, but there were still many tourists around just because of the Beautiful Night View of Penang.

Night view of Georgetown and the Penang Bridge.

This is the ONLY tree I can remember...25 years ago...:)

At that time, our stomach already transmit the signal to us (It's dinner time!). So we just have say Bye-Bye to Penang Hill.....See you again in the coming future! I LOVE THIS PLACE VERY MUCH!
The queue at the station surprised me!

After 15 minutes waiting, the train finally came and it's time to wave to Penang Hill!

I like this moment...when the train pass through the tunnel during night time.

I also spotted this group of young guys (next cabin) don't know how to respect the elders for giving them a seat! What the world had become! The old lady even holding her baby! OMG!!

That's end our trip to Penang Hill.

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