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Monday, February 02, 2009

Blossom Seafood Steamboat at Auto City, Butterworth

Blossom Seafood Steamboat Restaurant (N5°20.435' E100°25.767')
We were having our Reunion Dinner at this restaurant. It's located at the happening area called Auto City of Juru - Butterworth.

The restaurant is located at the first floor of the building.

The charges were quite reasonable, MYR23.90 per head, children under 12 years old - Free. (This is the price for Chinese New Year period, normal day will be MYR18.80 per head)
But I'm so surprised that, the restaurant was so empty! I can't even feel the crowd?! Must be related to the economy again...or...the foods are bad!

The waiting area...it makes me feel like queuing....but...

The crowd at 9.00pm...

After impatiently squeezing the foods into my mouth, I felt the foods here were not that bad, some are surprisingly good!

Cute Bear fish ball!

Fresh crabs and shrimp...but not live seafood...

They provide two type of soup - Herbal and Tomyam. This are very common nowadays at Malaysia, even at Johor Bahru.

Various foods available, my daughter love the unlimited supply of Ice-cream!
We took 3 rounds for the foods....unbelieveable!

The cozy ambience of the area is comfort, foods are above average, and price also affordable. It's a nice place for family or friends gathering.

* The Restaurant had shutdown since 2010.

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