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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yong Tau Foo under 'The Tree' in Ipoh, Perak.

We accidently spotted this stall after we finish the Dry Curry Mee breakfast and just driving around the area.
The Famous 'Under The Tree' Yong Tau Foo (N4°34.942' E101°05.154') is located at Jalan King of Ipoh, Perak.
There are two stalls on the both side of the tree below.....

I think this is the 'Tree' they referring to....

Even we had our breakfast, but just not to miss the chance already came across here...we Eat again!
We were not sure which one to chose, but friends from Ipoh told me they are from the Same boss. So we just decide the stall on the left, because it looks more clean and spacious.

Before order, we were observing what are the popular items other customers picked. Then only we licked the same as others....haha! Our 'picks' as below....

That's what we had chose! (Above photo)

All of them were good! But I still gotta mention that the Ipoh 'Coffee' still perfect!! The walk-in customers were non-stop while we having the Yong Tau Foo! I'm impressed! Rated : 4.5/5

Beside that, I noticed there was a stall selling noodle on the side is from Geylang Singapore?! Wah! It's travel more than 600km to here, I wondering...

The stall selling Geylang Noodle in Ipoh

After finish the Yong Tau Foo, we said 'Bye-Bye' to Ipoh and continue our journey to Cameron Highlands...

Location Map of Yong Tau Foo Under The Tree at Ipoh :-

View Larger Map

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