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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Lost World Of Tambun, Perak

"Time stands still in this Malayana civilization where ancient man hunted, gathered and built their temple. Now amidst the gigantic ruins are the five elements of fun rides and sights. Wet park, amusement park, twin waterfall sandy beach, natural hot springs and the home to a family of big cats. But one thing hasn't changed. The 400 million year old limestone cliffs that surround the park is still as majestic as if frozen in time. The Lost World of Tambun at Sunway City Ipoh, a theme park in a land 400 million years old. Now open to Homo Sapiens." Source from the official website : The Lost World Of Tambun.

The Lost World of Tambun (N4°37.555' E101°09.294') is located along Jalan Tambun main road and it's about 10KM away from the hotel where we stayed.

Main entrance of The Lost World

This water theme park is developed by the Sunway Group which is same as The Sunway Lagoon at Subang Jaya, Selangor.
When arrived at the park, seems like not many peoples and it's looks empty! I was so surprised because it's our National Day and it's a National Public Holiday! That's make me more curious to visit it.

The empty parking lot

The ticket booth

The entrance fee is MYR25.00 for adult and MYR19.00 for children below 12 years old. Small kid who below 90cm is free. It's reasonable because of the facility and the fun inside, I got to know from the map below...

The Lost World Of Tambun map

Too bad we were not prepare for the water theme park, and we don't have any spare or extra cloths! My daughter was nagging that she wanna go in! Haha!
Then we only can walk around the building...visit the souvenir area and have a drink at the restaurant.

The restaurant

They serve fast food like McDonald or KFC

Accidently I noticed there was a boat ride that cruise at the river in front of the park. The ride was 15 minutes and the ticket is MYR6.00 per person. So we quickly jump in the boat and we were enjoy the ride because of the beautiful scenery surrounding...
I managed to snap some photos along the ride...

The first bridge we passed through...

The Green and the Limestone Hill

The Restaurant on the right of the park.

Residential area

The ride and after short 15 minutes. It's actually nothing much around, you can skip it if you visit the park.
Suddenly we spotted a Gorilla running around the park and seems like it lost the way!! Haha! That's funny!

The spotted Gorilla

It's actually a small kid and his costume!

I believe all the fun are inside, and there's nothing interesting before you enter the park. And I cannot understand why this place is not popular at Ipoh? It's because of the entrance fee? I don't think they are charging too much! Or....peoples at Ipoh don't like water theme park? What do you think?

Align CenterThe special way they parked their cars

I definitely will visit the park on our next visit to Ipoh. I just curious to know....

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