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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tanah Rata Town of Cameron Highlands 2009

Tanah Rata is the Major Town of Cameron Highland (N4°28.229' E101°22.640'), It's located about 4.8KM from Brinchang Town.

"The town of Tanah Rata is often regarded as the major town attraction in Cameron Highlands. In fact, the town is the administrative centre for Majlis Daerah Cameron Highlands (or the District Council). That means there are a number of local government offices, police station, general hospital and clinics as well as post office.

Tanah Rata also boats a fairly bustling bus station where local and express bus services begin and terminate here. The bus terminal has since been renovated into a pseudo English-inspired design with brick masonry and clock tower. The town is also a popular stop for tourists because there are various jungle tracks and waterfall trails begin here. The trail to the famous Robinson Waterfalls and the Jim Thompson jungle track start somewhere near to the town centre. Check out the local maps for more detailed information.

Apart from adequate tourist amenities such as transportation, restaurants, gas stations, shops, money exchangers and travel agency offices, Tanah Rata hosts quite a big number of hotels, motels, inns, bed-and-breakfast and backpacking hostels." Source from Malaysia Hotel Review.

Tanah Rata Town of Cameron Highlands

After we check-in to the hotel, he drove to this town to have a walk. I miss this town very much cos my last visit was about 1985...I didn't step on it during my 2003 trip to Cameron Highlands. That's why I will advise anyone to drive there if you travel with a car. You need to travel the both town for your holiday!
There are many foods, restaurant and shops around this town, you can have a easy walk from head to tail of the shops. Along, I noticed there were many tourists here! I believe the attractions are the cool mountain air & the History behind....

The shops and the tourists

One of the Souvenir shop

Unique cafe located in the middle along the row of shoplots...

Opposite of the shops, there was a Complex which occupied by food stalls selling Ramadan foods. When we walk almost the end of the shops we saw this antique design of The Old Roman Catholic Convent School on the top of the hill. I'm wondering the Tudor Styled Heritage Hotel which next to it still operating?

Old Roman Catholic Convent School of Tanah Rata - Cameron Highlands

At the end of the old shoplots, you will see 2 rows of new 4 storey shops, the mixture of the modern and the old building structure. We decide to explore it after dinner...

The row of new shops where Maybank Cameron Highlands located.

We went to the opposite while walk back to our car...we passed through the Ramadan foods stalls which are crowded...

The Muslim are prepare their foods and waiting for Buka Puasa...

Special kind of 'Kuih' which I never see before...

Once we walk passed the food stalls, there was a public parking lot and behind was the Cameron Highlands Bus Terminal which was under renovation. The Bus Terminal will be renovate into a pseudo English-inspired design with brick masonry and clock tower.

The Bus Terminal of Tanah Rata - Cameron Highlands

The price of the Souvenirs selling here are not Standardize! You aware of different prices in different shops. But most of them are not expensive, one bottle of mineral water cost as low as MYR1.90...maybe it's not a Holiday season...?!

We finished the walk in about 1.5 hours...then I decided to have a cup of Teh Tarik in one of the Indian Restaurant here...

Tourist are having their tea break & Roti Canai

The cup of tea cost MYR1.20.

Starbucks Coffee just next to it...

It's kind of enjoyment that having the tea beside the main road in the cool air! The tea getting cold in less than 10 minutes!

I saw this Cute Little bicycle (Foldable) while I'm having my tea break...

The restaurants over here are mostly Indian or Western food, if you are looking for Chinese Steamboat Restaurant...you gonna drive to Brinchang town. That's the reason we gotta travel the both town frequently...

The Warrior of Cameron Highlands, my favorite vehicle!

Tanah Rata - nice town for a stroll around...
We went back to the hotel around 6pm to have our first dinner at Cameron Highlands.

The busy main road of Tanah Rata.

* Apologies of the dark pictures, because the weather was cooling and no sunlight.

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