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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tuck Kee Noodle Restuarant at Ipoh, Perak

Tuck Kee Noodle Restaurant (N4°35.635' E101°05.070') is located at Jalan Yau Tet Shin of Ipoh Town (same row with Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken Rice).

We were having our 'light' dinner here after walking around the Night Market at Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar...basically, there was nothing interesting in the night market.

Tuck Kee Noodle Restaurant

This shop is also strongly recommended by the member of MFM. Which claim to be 'One of the Best Wou Tan Hor' at Ipoh. (Wet fried rice noodle). This shop only selling noodle, they have no rice to serve...as you can see from the Menu below...

Menu of the restaurant

We noticed from other customers table, most of their order were 'Wou-Tan-Hor' & also the Thick black sauce 'Hokkien Mee'. Then we just follow....but I order extra the 'Egg with Tou-fu'.

Famous Wou Tan Hor of Ipoh

Hokkien Mee (Noodle)

Egg & Tou-Fu

Overall, it was tasty & delicious! We love it very much! Especially the 'Wou-Tan-Hor'. The Hokkien Mee was salty and the egg was so-so...
The Damage : around MYR13.00 (for 2 adults and one kid)
It was Cheap and good! Worth visit again.

Rated : 4.5/5

Before we left the restaurant, I bought the Curry Puff which sell by a young guy around the restaurant. It's Crispy and Good! (MYR1.50 each)

After walk around the area, we were back to hotel for rest. I bought 2 bottles of Carlsberg at the Minimart opposite the Hotel, MYR11.50 each. Again, it's cheaper than Johor Bahru!

Location of Tuck Kee Noodle Restaurant at Ipoh

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