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Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Time Tunnel Musuem of Cameron Highlands, Pahang

The Time Tunnel Museum (or Gallery) (N4°29.829' E101°23.715') is located in between Equatorial Hotel and Brinchang Town. You can easily spot the gallery (on the left) if you drive from Equatorial Hotel toward Brinchang town, the signage also Big enough to attract you.

Main entrance of the Time Tunnel Museum

I saw some photos from the internet about this museum, and I think it must be interesting because I love History & Antique very much! :)
The entrance ticket : MYR5.00 for adult and MYR2.00 for children below 12 years old. Kid below 5 years old is free!
So we just grab the tickets and step into this 'Time Machine' of Cameron Highlands!

Can you still remember this chair?

I remember the Black & White TV set we own on 70's.

A Motorcycle during 60s.

This is how Brinchang looks like on 1940.

The Big Gathering for the Warrior of Cameron Highlands. The Land Rover!

It's this Minor?

I found back my childhood!! Look at the Coca-Cola YoYo!!

My Binocular during my age of 7!

Nice Decoration of a British home.

My Mom used to scold me if I drink this during my childhood. My favorite was Kickapoo, what's yours?

The antique fan that I'm looking for age! Oh! You want 'Ice-Kacang'?

Antique Cash Register...

Do you still remember those days in school? I have a RED school bag looks like briefcase before, we used to call it 'Ka-pit' in Hokkien dialect...

The astray, cigarettes & cigarettes box from 1960s.

These are the things I saw it very often at my Grandpa grocery shop, that was almost 35 years ago!

Man in the Mirror!

Oh! My childhood toys!! My toys (my precious) during the age of 3-5 years old.

It's this a dentist chair? Oh! It's my nightmare!

The Generation of Phones

"You may telephone from here."

Hey! Mr Postman....Postman's bicycle during the 60s.

The Antique Camera, photos and the Tripod!

The machine that sew my childhood shirts & pans. It's got to be Singer!

My Grandpa bicycle which destroy by a naughty boy - Me! :)

The way my Grandma used to cook at the kitchen...

Do you still remember these insect killer equipment?

"How well do you know about Cameron Highlands?" Read it!

I LOVE this gallery very much!
Many things, toys and memories are found in this small gallery! We were there for more than an hour, I can sit on the chair and recall 'those day' for more than 15 minutes...I'm just wondering that will the owner sell the collections in the gallery?

Some of my friends said, there's nothing inside! Hmm...I don't think so, anyway it's depends on your expectation.

I rated this Gallery : 4.5/5 (I think I will be back again!)

....yeah, I know I'm old...

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