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Monday, October 05, 2009

Lunch at Cameron Highlands, Pahang

We just simply had our lunch at one of the Restaurant named Oldies & Goodies Roasted Restaurant (N4°29.610' E101°23.277') located along the road to Strawberry Farm & Cactus Valley. Because as far as I know, there's no good food around Cameron Highlands except the Steamboat at night time...

We just order from the menu...'Wou-tan-hor' (Rice noodle) and the 'Signature Fried Rice'. I added the Roasted Duck...

Wou-tan hor.

Signature Fried Rice

Roasted Duck

The Wou-tan-hor was not as good as the 'Tuck Kee' Restaurant at Ipoh. The Fried Rice was good and special! The roasted duck was not bad! Overall the restaurant was clean.

1) Wan-Tan-Hor - MYR6.00
2) Fried Rice - MYR6.00
3) Roasted Duck - MYR12.00

The damage was MYR19.00 (included drink). The cost was reasonable and not expensive at all!

Rated : 3.5/5

Oldies & Goodies Roasted Restaurant

Tel : +6012-5730800 / +605-4915800

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