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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mr Nachimuthu's Strawberry Farm at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

We visited this Strawberry Farm (N4°29.666' E101°23.195') after our lunch at Oldies & Goodies Roasted Restaurant...

It's located just on the left before the Cactus Valley entrance.
This farm belong to Mr Nachimuthu family since 1969 and it's FREE entrance. He was friendly and bring us along his farm. We learned a lot from him over the conversation around the Strawberry Farm.

The entrance of the Strawberry Farm

Mr Nachimuthu patiently explain almost everything about strawberry, and I understand that all the Strawberry plant will only last for 2 years. And it takes about 40 days to harvest each time. After 2 years, they have to throw away the plant and start all new again...
During our visit, the strawberry are not ready for harvest, that's why you won't see many red strawberry around...

You noticed that every Strawberry plant are almost Same size!

Mr Nachimuthu explain about the Old plant that he will dispose...

All the strawberry from his farm are export oversea, none of it gonna sell it local...Within this small farm, they will produce 15-20kg of Strawberry per day.

The flower of Strawberry. Have you seen it before?

The root of the strawberry plant.

Above & below are the New plant...

The tiny black pipes are for the fertilizer process

The technology is so advance and no need to put the fertilizer manually, different from those days...

The soil are basically - coconut

Closer look of the tiny fertilizer piping...

We spent about almost an hour over here, and Mr Nachimuthu was so kind to gave us 2 boxes of fresh Strawberry (He pluck it on the spot). My wife and my daughter were so happy cos they Love Strawberry very much! We were very much appreciated that Mr Nachimuthu spend his time to company us and explain the operation of the farm. I told him I will visiting him again on my next trip! I Love it very much!

Then he brought us to the BIG Red Strawberry Farm which is located about 200 meter away...that I gonna blog about it in my next post.

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