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Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Red Strawberry Farm of Cameron Highlands, Pahang

The Big Red Strawberry Farm (N4°29.732' E101°23.196') occupied about 10 acres of land behind the Cactus Valley. It started on year 2004 and open for public in 2005. It's FREE Entrance and more than 200 parking lots available.
You have to walk through the Cactus Valley and the Big signage will appear in front of you. They also use the Hydr0ponic technology for most of the plant here.

Mr Nachimuthu continue explaining about the farm

Main Entrance of The Big Red Strawberry Farm

Beside the main entrance, there are many colourful flowers for sale...

Colourful flower for sale

There was a beautiful landscape decoration after you step in to the farm...and a koi fish pond.

KOI Fish

I noticed this plant were very special and makes you feel like winter! Haha! I believe it must be very popular during Christmas. Do you know the name of this plant below?

On the right, you will see this....sorry I'm bad with the plant name. :(

Then at the middle of the farm (I think it was the main farm), we saw Big Strawberry Farm on the right and huge Lettuces farm on the left...

On the right...

Mr Nachimuthu told us there are many types of strawberry, the type in the photo below are call "Cassarova" (correct me if I'm wrong) which are purely for export market. This type of strawberry is sweet, not like those sour type we can easily see it in the market.

"Cassarova" type of Strawberry

They also make fully use of the space below the strawberry plants...

The plants below the strawberry, we always eat this at the western food restaurant.

On my left are mostly the Lettuces...

Mr Nachimuthu shows us what was inside the pipe...it's water

At the end of the line, Hydroponic Lettuces

The worker spraying the chemical to avoid insect on the plant

Almost the end of the farm, there was a cafe & souvenir centre. We had nice cup of coffee with the Manager of the farm. He told me all the Lettuces here are export to Singapore, and you can taste it at all the KFC outlets in Singapore.

The Souvenir centre

The cafe area

There was less visitors in the farm during our visit (weekday). It's really relax and easy to have a comfort walk around. If you wanna visit any Strawberry farm at Cameron Highlands, please try this huge farm. I believe you won't regret!

And it's definitely worth my second visit...

A foreign tourist at the cafe

Map of The Big Red Strawberry Farm at Cameron Highlands

View Larger Map

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