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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bala's Holiday Chalet at Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Bala's Holiday Chalet (N4°28.666' E101°22.743') is located about 1.5km from Tanah Rata towards Brinchang direction. You will notice the signage on the left before you turn in. I love the British colonial design of the building...

Bala's Holiday Chalet

The Chalet is situated on the higher ground from the main road. I went the reception and found out the room for 3 persons was around MYR180.00 (weekday). That's not too bad!
But I can't snap any photos in the building because the staff warn me by the notice on the wall - "No Photography Allowed". That's really too bad because I love to snap every places I visited...so the only photos I can share are the outlook of the main building...

Very nice garden!

There is a small cafe in the garden, so we decided to have a cup of tea and enjoy the surrounding...
When I asked one of the lady for the Menu, she just pointed to one of the signage impolitely and ask me to read! HUH?? I just cannot believe that! Ok....I read it and it said...order from the 'reception counter'. I placed the order for a set of 'Tea and Scone' cost MYR22.50. I understand it's pricey but we just accept it because we are not gonna have it everyday!

A set of The Tea & Scone

It came with two scones and pot of tea.
Something really PISSED OFF when I notice the milk they served was a "Expired Milk"!! Can you accept this?! You can see the pieces of milk after it mixed with the tea! (Photo below).

I paid for the Tea at the reception to another staff who was collected my money without A smile!

My comments :-

1) This was my First Impression of Bala's Holiday Chalet! I cannot accept the BAD attitude of the staffs around...
2) Even the set was not VERY Expensive, but it served with Expired Milk!
3) I will never consider this Chalet at all for my future visit.

Maybe I'm in the bad luck, haha! You can try to visit it and possible to let me know how do you feel about it! :)

The Bala's Holiday Chalet
Lot 55, Tanah Rata, 39000 Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia
Tel : 05-4911660 | Fax: 05-4914500
Room rates : MYR120.00 - MYR380.00

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