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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brinchang Town & The Warriors of Cameron Highlands

Brinchang town (N4°29.508' E101°23.324') - located about 5KM up north from Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. I noticed this small town occupied by many luxury and budget hotels. Beside that, there are also many choices for Steamboat Restaurant...(that's why I said before, you need to travel both town frequently). One of the famous restaurant here is 'OK Tuck Steamboat Restaurant', but we don't have a chance to taste it yet...

It's only has few main roads here (for the moment) and pretty easy for you to move around...
The hotel (Rosa Passadena Hotel) that we stayed is just situated in the middle of the town, it's really convenience for food and daily necessity.

This small town is under heavy construction for hotels and apartments to cater more visitors and tourist during public holiday, I feel this situations might overkill the greenery of the Beauty Nature!
My disappointment is...Cameron Highlands is not as cold as those day since my last visit (year 2003), maybe because of the 'Global Warming'? Maybe....
...hopefully it will be back to what it was...

Another interesting scene is...there are many Land Rover Series 1 & Defender in this Highlands. I called them as "The Warriors of Cameron Highlands". Without them, farming will become big problem! At the moment, I don't think others vehicle can replace it because normal lorry will not complete the task in the plantation...

Let me share some photos of the Warriors...

All the Land Rover here are having different type of Road Tax compare with normal vehicle in Malaysia. Have you notice the words : "CH"? I believe that's their "road tax".
No wonder, my friend always tell me that...Cameron Highlands is the Home Of Land Rover!

Disaster Respond Unit

If you are beer drinker, please visit this minimart below...they are selling the cheapest beer in town! MYR4.80 (SGD2.00) per can for Carlsberg.

Brinchang, I will be back!

My Cameron Highlands Trip - September 2009
* Rosa Passadena Hotel at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands (D1)
* Tanah Rata Town of Cameron Highlands 2009 (D1)
* Dinner at Rosa Passadena Hotel - Brinchang, Cameron Highlands (D1)
* The Mossy Forest of Cameron Highlands (September 2009) , Pahang (D2)
*Mount (Gunung) Brinchang Lookout Tower, Cameron Highlands - Pahang (D2)
* The Sungai Palas BOH Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands (D2)
The Time Tunnel Musuem of Cameron Highlands, Pahang (D2)
* Lunch at Cameron Highlands, Pahang (D2)
* Mr Nachimuthu's Strawberry Farm at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands (D2)
Big Red Strawberry Farm of Cameron Highlands, Pahang (D2)
* Bala's Holiday Chalet at Cameron Highlands, Pahang (D2) - Bad impression
Traveler Pub and Bistro at Tanah Rata of Cameron Highlands, Pahang (D2)
The Morning Fruits & Vegetables Market at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands (D3)


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